Practical Projects



Development of Contents for Employee Seminars



We are looking forward to opportunities of collaboration with Japanese companies, making use of our research findings to develop seminar contents for international employees and their managers.


Case Development



We develop cases which can be used for seminars at Japanese companies. Our cases should be on processes from frictions or conflicts among international employees and their Japanese managers to mutual understanding, mutual learning, and organization development.


【対象】人事・ダイバーシティ・キャリア支援 担当者

Seminar for Experts on HR, Diversity & Inclusion, and Career Development



Our main interest is organization development by diverse employees and their managers as well as career development of "diverse employees" such as international employees. We plan to set up  a seminar for experts on HR , Diversity & Inclusion, and Career Development who are in charge of these issues at Japanese companies.

Research Projects

  • 日本企業で働く外国籍社員の上司についての調査
    Empirical Research on Leadership and International Employees at Japanese Companies
  • 育児のために短時間勤務制度で働く社員の上司についての調査
    Empirical Research on Leadership and Working Mothers using Shorten Working Hour System
  • セルフ・キャリアドックに関するコミュニティ心理学からの検討
    Theoretical Review on Self Career Dock from a Perspective of Community Psychology